Jesu dulcis memoria [Great Cathedral Anthems IX – Priory]
The Choir of Hereford Cathedral directed by Roy Massey


Nunc dimittis [Salmow Kernewek – Regent ]
St. Mary’s Singers of Truro Cathedral directed by Christopher Gray


This Starry Stranger [20th Century Music for Evensong – CRC]
The Cathedral Singers of Christ Church, Oxford, directed by James Henderson


The World’s Desire [A Year at Truro – Regent]
The Choir of Truro Cathedral directed by Christopher Gray


Love’s Redeeming Work is Done [Salmow Kernewek – Regent]
St. Mary’s Singers of Truro Cathedral directed by Christopher Gray


The Goblins’ Song (from “The Hobbit”) (New College School Choir)


Orpheus [50 Years of Choral Music Making]
Truro Choral Society / Symphony Orchestra conducted by Martin Palmer


Voices in the Tide [concert recording at The Purcell Room, London]
The Kegelstatt Trio with Vanessa Williamson (mezzo-soprano)


Hanging Oak200x200Audio extracts from The Hanging Oak:

The libretto (by the composer) is based on M.R.James’s ghost story The Stalls of Barchester.  An ambitious clergyman, newly installed as the archdeacon of his cathedral, begins to suffer strange delusions.  The maidservant Jane knows more than she should, and the grotesque carvings on his ancient oak stall seem to have the power to torment him.  The previous archdeacon was old and frail but was his death really an accident?  And must someone now pay the price?  



In his candlelit study the brooding archdeacon reads the obituary of his predecessor.

Duet – Nicholas Hawker (Martin)  Louise Merrifield (Jane)

The maidservant Jane tells her husband that they are to have a child.

Quartet – Cheryl Brendish (Constance)     John Hobbs (Archdeacon)
Louise Merrifield (Jane)    Nicholas Hawker (Martin)

While Jane and her husband find happiness a dark shadow begins to fall over the archdeacon and his sister.